In elementary school I remember having a pen pal for about a hot minute. Our school linked up with a school in the next district over and we were matched with someone in the same grade as us. I think it was fifth grade but don’t quote me on it. I honestly can’t even remember the name of that pen pal, and admit it was something I was not good at. I tried, but fifth graders can be a little flaky :/

I heard about Foodie Pen Pals from a blog I read a while ago and decided to give it a try for November.

Foodie Pen Pals

As a Foodie Pen Pal, I was paired up with one participant to send $15-$25 worth of food to, and another participant was to do the same for me. Pairs are announced on the 5th of the month. Participants must contact their pen pal to find out about any allergies or dietary preferences prior to mailing, and must have their food in the mail by the 14th of the month. I heard from my Pen Pal after the pairings were announced and couldn’t believe I was paired with someone all the way in Alaska. I was paired with Dawn who blogs at DJ’s Sugar Shack. One of the neat things about Foodie Pen Pals is that it bridges between bloggers of so many different topic sets – nutrition, fitness, baking, etc. Dawn told me she loves to bake so I knew I was in for something homemade! I told Dawn that I was a vegetarian that loves sweets and baked goods were A-Ok, especially if peanut butter was involved. A couple weeks go by and on my doorstep is a package! Foodie Pen Pal November Items It arrived on the most perfect day. I was home from work because the day before was the Philadelphia Marathon. Not only was I spending the day lounging on my couch, now I could lounge on the couch with all these goodies!

I went straight for the baked goods – I mean, they’ll go bad if I don’t, right? They were delish – chocolate chip peanut cookies baked in a mini tart mold with Reese’s Pieces on top, along with white chocolate butterscotch cookies. I’ve never been a big fan of butterscotch, but these were so good!

The next thing I tried was the Cherry Cashew bar made by pure Organic. I read the ingredients first and was prepared to not like it because I’m just not a fan of dates. So many bars use them for substance and I thought I’d had one too many. I was way off on it – it was really good. I’d definitely buy it at the store.

I opened the Bissinger’s Campfire S’Mores Salt Caramels next and was honestly bummed that I didn’t like them more. Chocolate, combined with marshmallow, and caramel – not much could go wrong there but I think they were just not what I expected.

Earlier this week I ate the Wild Blueberry bar (also pure Organic) as a late afternoon pick-me-up to make it through a post-work workout. Like the Cherry Cashew bar, this was really good. Another winner in my book! he one thing that I have not yet tried is the Arctic Raspberry Black Tea from Alaska Spice Co. It’s loose tea, so I need an infuser, which I have looked for and haven’t found. The one place I am pretty sure I’d find one at (Wegmans) I keep forgetting to look when I’m there. It smells really good so I hope I can get an infuser this weekend.

For the month of December, The Lean Green Bean will be doing the Foodie Pen Pals for charity, benefiting the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Rather than being matched up with a participant and buying and mailing food to them, participants are to instead put that money in a PayPal account (between December 3-7) that is set up exclusively for this cause, with everything collected in it being donated to the selected charities. Visit for details, or to get on the list to do Foodie Pen Pals in January! I know I will be!