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Running Buddies

When I started running it was on a treadmill at the gym I belonged to. I saw other people running around me and felt very out of place, but still did it and felt good. I hardly ever ran outside – it was always too hot or too cold, or at least that’s what I thought! Because of this, I was very comfortable running alone, even when I started running outside more often (and anymore exclusively). Alone gave me an escape to mentally let go of or ponder things going on, or just zone out from it all. It was therapeutic which I think we can all relate to.

After i started doing 5ks and my friend Carrie started running, we would go to races together but could never run together because we are a good two minutes per mile difference in pace. I trained for my first few half marathons alone, mapping out routes through the neighborhoods I lived in. I was fine with it, and had no idea what I was missing out on. Once every now and then Niki and I would get together for a run which was good because we are close in pace and she could push me a little bit. Our schedules made doing this often challenging so it was only a couple times here and there.

Then along came Team In Training, where every week I was getting together with other people training for the same races I was, and with all different paces. I started getting used to running with certain people and got used to The long runs where I could talk about my week and gossip or get advice about something. The therapeutic feeling I used to get running alone I now get when I go out with my various running buddies. And even better, if I don’t run with someone often, those long runs together becomes an awesome way to catch up on life. On those long runs with friends I’ve even gotten in the habit of not taking along earphones and am now seldom listening to tunes during my solo runs during the week.

Today I went for a short run with Casey. I’m so proud of her for giving running a shot earlier this year and discovering how enjoyable it is. We’ve been doing short runs every couple weeks and our schedules work that we are going to try to get together twice a week and on one of those days mix in some circuit training.

How often do you run with someone else or a group? How often do you run solo? What are your favorite things about each?


In A Relay State Of Mind

This morning I had enough time for a super-quick circuit so I decided to try to do part of the Peanut Butter Fingers 10 to 6 circuit. I made it through 10 and 9 completely and halfway through 8 before I had to wrap it up to get ready for work. Awesome workout that definitely challenged me. I haven’t done any nearly enough circuit since CrossFit closed so I was slower moving through it than if I was better conditioned. I have no more excuses to put it off though so I’m glad I tried it out and will be doing another workout again this week. Tomorrow is a run day so I’m going to do my best to roll out of bed and out the door for a run in the morning.

Several of the bloggers I’ve started following ran Hood To Coast over the weekend. Reading their posts before, and now after, have me thinking two things –

1) I am ridiculously excited for Ragnar in a little over a month
2) I totally want to do Hood To Coast sometime!

This will be my second Ragnar, which is with a handful of people I ran it with last year. We are doing Ragnar Pennsylvania because of how much easier it is to coordinate for everyone than one further away. I am stoked to be co-captain and be in charge of van 1. I am so type A that I think it will be better for me to have some authority. I’m not good at not being in charge… :/

My friend Niki moved to Tacoma, Washington a couple weeks ago, so Hood To Coast next year is not as out of reach as it would seem. I am already looking at when next year it would make sense to make a trip out there to see her, planning it around doing some run either in Washington or maybe even B.C. so a trip through Oregon would be right in line too. It’s definitely something I’ll be bringing up to her to think about!

Any relays in the future for anyone else? Any advice from relays you’ve done that’s worth sharing?