At Christmas-time of 2011 I knew that my older nieces would be getting Kindle Fires for Christmas and wanted to get them unique, fun covers for them, along with one for my own Kindle reader.  I looked through Etsy and was surprised how much these covers were selling for and wound up finding one seller that offered a sewing pattern for multiple E-reader sizes.  I had not sewn since 8th grade, nor did I own a sewing machine!  My mom, however, sews pretty often, and the instructions seemed pretty straightforward so I figured with her help it was worth a shot to try.

These are the girl’s Fire covers:

They were WAY easier than I expected, and at that point I knew that this was something I could do to have great, one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family, as well as to fundraise for Team In Training events.  I discovered a world of sewing blogs with all sorts of great ideas, and in March when I bought my iPad (and my very own sewing machine!) I bought a pattern to make a cover for that:





And then before heading to Colorado in May and Disney in June, I made up a bunch of these great little luggage handle covers, which made all of our luggage super-easy to find at the baggage claim

And then I had some gifts to make for birthdays and a graduation so I made a couple clutches with key fob wristlets









Sew So, for those interested in ordering any of these, customized with your own selection of fabrics, based on the appropriate device size, please visit this link.  The proceeds from these is all to my Team In Training fundraising, so thank you for your support!