Well, I suppose “Word Wednesday”, while thought of in the best of intentions, is not a realistic regular idea for me. Three weeks after writing that, I have yet to use extrapolate in conversation. So we’ll just table that idea for now and focus on things I’m more attuned to.

My running progress these past few weeks has been really great. I’m less than 60 days from Philly and on track for a 16-miler this weekend. I have a couple busy weekends coming up where my long runs will be iffy, one of which is Ragnar weekend. My Ragnar legs add up to 18 miles so I won’t be doing much more than 10 or 12 miles for a long run that weekend, if anything. I’m waiting to get Coach Marney’s take on it. Pace-wise I’m feeling really I good and I hope I can keep up this momentum.

Another thing I have come to realize over the past month or so is how comfortable I am running without music. In all the years I’ve been running I’ve relied heavily on music for runs of any distance. The exceptions have been the random instance of forgetting my iPod, the battery running out, or forgetting the earphones or belt/armband to hold it. When I ran Disney I had my iPod with me and was all set but knew I wouldn’t have enough battery for the whole run. I figured I’d start the run without it and turn it on further in when I needed some motivation. With all the characters and music throughout the course, I never wound up turning it on. Once I got home I went back to using pandora or my playlist on my iPhone but every now and then I didn’t bring it along. I started listening to music less and less, to the point where I now can’t think of the last time I did. No matter the distance, I don’t feel the need to tune in, and just fall into the flow of my run.

Anybody else out there going (or tried going) tune free in their runs?