I’ve been reading a bunch of really great and inspirational fitness blogs lately.  Reading them makes me want to keep up with this blog more frequently, and to also move my butt more!  For as much running I do, I could definitely do more cross training and strength work, and be more conscious choices in the food I eat, maybe…  A little more of this –

And less of this stuff…








Changes to my diet are a work in progress, and My Fitness Pal helps me keep it all in check.  My excuse (to myself) for not doing strength and cross training at all more frequently is because I’m currently without both CrossFit and a regular gym.  In July, only three days apart, my CrossFit and my regular gym both closed because of ownership changing.  Some of my fellow CrossFit 610 members meet up on weeknights at 6pm and do outside WODs which I’d love to do, but am never out of work early enough.  My regular gym is available for drop-in use and classes, for a daily fee.  In both cases, it’s nice to not have the monthly fee come out of my bank account, but when that’s happening I have the accountability to show up.  I keep hearing that one of the CF trainers will be opening their box soon, so hopefully that will be soon, and in the meantime I am going to try my best to do a few of the fun circuits I’ve seen on this blog and I’m looking forward to this blog starting their next boot camp session because I might give it a shot!

Accountability for my running schedule I’ve got a ton of!  My next marathon is Philly in November, and I’m doing it with TNT so I’ve got Marney coaching me.  She keeps me on track to finish every mile of the long run we do together on Sundays – even when I whine about it – which I did NONE of last week because it was the most awesome 10-miler ever!  Plus, my friend Niki is training for Philly as well (all the way out in Washington) and we text each other after every run to say how many miles we ran.  She makes me feel like a slacker, but I still love her, and at least get in a fraction of the miles she does.  Today I was supposed to do 11 or 12.  Knowing that and the fact that Marney was not going to be at practice because of work, I decided to sign up (yesterday) for a half marathon this morning. 

Unfortunately, I started feeling a yucky stomach early on last night, and it stuck with me through the morning.  I drove down to the race in the hopes that my Tums would kick in but knew as soon as I arrived I wasn’t going to get through a mile let alone 13.  I even bought these yesterday so I could have one afterward to celebrate 😦

Oops, I meant these…

I’m going to try to get a few miles in later today and really think I’ll give some kind of strength training circuit in.  I’m 84 days out from Philly and, despite a couple rough weeks of my shorter runs, I think I’m getting my runs back on track again.  Time will tell, and I know for sure that cross training and changes to what I eat are the missing pieces.