A little over two years ago, I began this blog to share my experience training for my first marathon.  Between work, training and other activities I tend to overschedule my time with, I haven’t kept it current.  I truly admire the people who open their lives to readers worldwide monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly for some bloggers.  So why am I suddenly writing a new post today?  And will I write new posts more consistently?  I don’t think there’s an answer for either, but with today’s post, I also introduce a new title and tagline for the blog.  As a slower runner, I know I’ll never win a race, but when I can say I’ve finished 3 full marathons and 9 half marathons to date, that’s not too shabby.  So I’m using a mulligan and starting fresh.  I’ll be posting new photos and updating the other pages as well.

Running has been a life changer for me.  I played softball growing up but was always known for not being a good runner.  After college I knew I needed to lose weight so I joined a gym and used the elliptical and stationary bike mainly.  Then came a day, nearly ten years ago, that I stood on a treadmill and felt like trying to run.  It wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t far, but it felt good and like something I was willing to try.  I started reading Runner’s World here and there, and kept to the treadmill building up from walk/run intervals to steady running for a few miles. 

As my weight dropped, I began to love running, and on rare occasions started to run outside.  I signed up for my first 5k in 2006 and it went well.  A few months later a friend and I made a pact to run a 5k together, which led to more 5ks together, then 5-milers, then the idea of a half marathon seemed feasible.  After a few of those I decided a full marathon was my next goal.  Running that first marathon with Team In Training made me love running more.  Running with other people who were the same pace as me gave me new friends to vent about the week’s frustrations, the latest gossip and more. I also owe a great deal of the success I’ve had at work in the past several years to the discipline, dedication, ambition and assertiveness I’ve developed because of running.

Volunteering as a mentor with TNT for several seasons has given me the opportunity to share my love of running with others.  It’s inspiring to see others become runners.  So now I’ve volunteered to lead a Couch to 5k training program with coworkers.  I’ve laid out nine weeks of training, information, and motivation.  I’m excited to start the program and see everyone finish their first 5k.  Along the way I plan to share some of the highs, lows and just funny stuff from the group’s journey.