One of my earliest posts included a quote about only growing if you are outside your comfort zone.  Every long run from this point on is outside my comfort zone.  Yesterday’s long run was 16 miles and each week I’m expecting a congratulatory message from Lance Armstrong, Joan Samuelson, Tiger Woods or Paula Radcliffe on my Nike+ because I’ve completed my longest run.  Being out running for three hours takes just as much mentally as it does physically.  Having the support system of my teammates and coaches has made these runs easier to bear.  Marney was ‘paperclip’-ing me for the last two miles yesterday which was very amusing!  As much as I hurt after finishing yesterday’s run, after an icebath and some Aleve I feel completely fine today.

Something I noticed from last week’s long run (14-miles) was that my right side IT Band is tight which puts pressure on the bursal behind my right knee.  I pushed through that run and have been following my therapy exercises.  I also pulled out a free sample I had of KT Tape and looked up a video of how to apply it for IT relief.  I figured it was worth a shot and I am now a believer in the stuff.  I taped up yesterday morning and didn’t feel a wince of pain during yesterday’s run – I was amazed at how well this stuff works.  I bought a package in the afternoon – I bought the pink tape so it will look like a pink flamingo on my leg!

I also bought a new pair of sneakers yesterday afternoon.  I bought my last pair in December, Asics 2150s.  I should have bought another pair a couple weeks ago but waiting isn’t a huge deficit for me.  I bought the same shoes, even though I debated buying Kayanos.  The running store I went to, Aardvark in Bethlehem, had a sale with 13.1% off of everything and I also had $9 in Aardvark dollars.  I’m sticking with the 2150s through the marathon but probably will switch to Kayanos later in the summer.

Next week will be a real challenge because I’ll have to do the 18 miles on the training plan schedule on my own on Sunday because of an event for work on Saturday when I normally run with TNT.  I might have to recruit a bike pacer…