Spontaneity is an interesting thing.  And I, of all people, am not a spontaneous person historically.  I often overthink things…

In March I decided to register for the New York City Marathon lottery.  The registration was $11 and your chances of getting picked, especially the first time, are very slim.  Knowing this, I figured if I got in it would give me something to focus on later in the year and if not, so be it.  When I registered I didn’t have a backup because my mind was set that if I didn’t get in then it wasn’t meant to be and I didn’t need to rush into a decision on my next goal.  I’m only now at the point in my training for Rock N Roll San Diego where my long runs are progressing to distances I’ve never done so I have no gauge of how my body will react and adapt.  That’s my practical nature coming through.

So this past Wednesday was lottery day.  At noon, they announced who had been picked, and I got the email that I was not chosen.  It surprised me how bummed I was.  At the same time that the lottery winners were being notified, I found out via Twitter and Facebook that registration opened for the 30,000 spots in the Marine Corps Marathon.  I went on with my day and went to Girls on the Run practice, where my friend and fellow coach Courtney shared with all of us that she registered for MCM that day.  I’d only gone to the MCM web site to track my friend Niki when she ran it in the fall and didn’t ever think about running it.  I didn’t even know the actual date of it,which from Courtney I found out was Halloween which is pretty fun.  After practice I went online and looked at the web site mulling over what this would take.  A $90 registration fee is a lot better than the $185 that NYC would have been if I was chosen… I asked Niki about the course which she said was not bad but it’s not flat.  My mind was racing and this definitely was a ‘sleep on it’ decision.

The next morning word was out that they filled over 23,000 spots and only 6,000 remained.  In that instant I knew I was in.  I registered on Thursday and since then I have had periodic reality checks every day.  To do an 18-week training program I would be starting training the first week in July.  It gives me 4 weeks of recovery from San Diego, and those first few weeks aren’t 10-mile long runs.  I know a couple other people running it so I will have a good support system, and I can probably do the LVHN Marathon for Via (Half-Marathon) as a training run.

So here’s to being spontaneous.  49 days to San Diego, 202 days until MCM – this will be an exciting and challenging 6 months for me.