I love my running shoes.  I have loved many running shoes.  I am an Asics girl, but have also broken in a few pairs of Mizunos.  I am currently in a pair of Asics 2150s, and am contemplating buying either a second pair or a pair of Kayanos to break in and wear for the marathon.

One thing I don’t love is the blisters I get.  I didn’t experience blisters until training for my first half marathon two years ago.  Until then the 5ks and 5-mile runs I was doing didn’t lead to enough long term friction to give me blisters.  Once I started progressing into 8, 9 and 10-mile runs I started getting blisters.  As much as I hate blisters, I cannot give up the shoes I love.  So I’ve experimented with other preventive means which have definitely cut back on the blisters.

Socks…. I’m always looking at socks when I’m in a specialty running store.  I have Balegas, Wigwams, Under Armour and WrightSox.  From Lucy, I bought bamboo and another natural fiber wicking sock.  From Target I have two types of C9 socks.  Of these I do not wear the Under Armour socks to run (but they were the most expensive!).  I don’t often wear the Lucy socks, and if I do they’re not more than 5 or 6 miles.  The C9 socks are also not great for long runs, unless I have no other option.  Primarily, for long runs I try to wear the Balegas or Wigwams.  The Wright Socks I’m still not sure about and haven’t tried them on anything further than 5.  The Balegas, Wigwams and Wright Socks are usually between $7 and $10 a pair.

Moleskin…. After the first really bad experience with blisters (following my first Fools Run 10-mile race) I went back to the store I bought the sneakers at (Mizuno Wave Alchemy’s) and was ready to return them and buy a new pair of shoes.  But I loved how the shoes fit and the cushioning, and the guy at the Finish Line explained what I could do with Moleskin to act as another layer of skin to protect the areas of my feet which are prone to blistering.  I’ve been buying Dr. Scholl’s Moleskin by the roll for the past two years.  I keep it and a pair of scissors in my gym bag and cut just the right size pieces to place on my feet.  The downside is that there have been times where the Moleskin piece ruches, or that I don’t have a large enough piece in place.  A roll of Dr. Scholl’s is $4.99 at Target; I haven’t seen it in a roll package anywhere else.

Aquaphor…. On mid-length runs I will at times slather on some Aquaphor (a mineral oil based ‘Healing Ointment’ from Eucerin) and save the Moleskin for later.  It works for me and, while I’ve never tried it, I suspect it does the same as Vaseline does.  I’ve heard Ryan Hall uses Vaseline so I’m sure there are a number of elites who do as well.  Pick up Aquaphor for ~$5.99 at any drugstore.

Pumice/File/Scrub….. I could certainly do this more often than I do but I try to pumice or use a foot file on my feet while in the shower regularly on the callus-y areas.  Callus’s can lead to blisters.  And a good minty foot scrub can soften those callus’s, and refresh you feet at the same time!  Pumice stones are inexpensive and can be found at any drug store.

Ultimately, I have accepted the fact that I will inevitably get blisters – it’s just how my feet are.  I think that all of these things have helped reduce the severity and regularity of blisters for me.

What are some ways that you treat or prevent blisters?