When I’m running I definitely feel more comfortable and focused if I have music.  For a typical run, I’ll set my iPod on shuffle and if a slower tune comes on I skip it.  For the half marathons I’ve done I have a special play list that I’ve tweaked for each one.  Ironically, for my first half marathon I forgot my iPod.  I had my headphones and armband for it, just somehow forgot the actual iPod.  It definitely was interesting to realize that I was ok without it, but ultimately I like the extra kick I get when a certain song comes on, or how a beat or melody can set a pace.  I feel an instant surge if a certain Dave Matthews Band song comes on – for a while it was Ants Marching but lately it’s Lie in our Graves.  I notice my breathing mimics the beat of the chorus of Gloria from Flashdance.  On runs where I don’t have music I feel like I’m humming along to Gloria.

Shamrock is just a few days away so of course my iPod is coming along.  My playlist is in need of tweaking so I ask for feedback on what I should add.  In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day The Dropkick Murphy’s and U2 are inevitably included.  What else would make this the perfect Shamrock playlist?