We’re less than two weeks from the start of Spring and every person I know is soaking up the warmer temperatures and extra daylight.  It’s amusing because it’s reaching 60 in the afternoon but anything is better than snow and temps in the teens.  Daylight savings is back this weekend which will lead to more daylight, which means more outside runs after work!

Today I was thrilled to get a run in outside.  It was a stretch and instead of the easy pace I was scheduled to do, my pace was definitely in the tempo/speed work range.  I only did two instead of the three I would have done at the gym but I’ll take a run outside over a run on the treadmill anyday.  I booked it over to Coplay and did part of the Ironton Rail Trail.  This, along with the Parkway, are definitely my favorite trails to run. We were able to run the trails at the Parkway Saturday morning on the training run with my TNT group.  Every runner I know in the Lehigh Valley (and some outside of the Valley) are also big fans of the Parkway.  Lots of people were out Saturday and Sunday!

My training is feeling great.  I did some strength training routines a couple times and the series is very easy (but worthwhile because I feel it the next day!) so I have to get consistent with doing it regularly.  Shamrock is less than two weeks from now and I’m excited for the race AND for the getaway.  I have a couple extra days off which will be relaxing.  It was a bit impulsive but last night I registered for the New York City Marathon lottery.  If I get in that means I’ll be doing another marathon later this year.  Haven’t gotten through my first and here I go potentially getting in to another one….  From what I understand only 1 in 6 is accepted.  On the other hand, that acceptance would keep me going and give me extra motivation.  The race would be pretty awesome and memorable to participate in.

I decided to buy a new Fuel Belt.  I have a Nike one that I bought a couple years ago and it works, but I always feel it ruching and since The Finish Line (finishlinerunningstore.com – 10 S. 4th St, Emmaus) was giving TNT participants 15% off on Saturday I figured it wouldn’t hurt to check them out.  This one is a Helium 4-bottle belt and has bottles that are a little larger than the Nike belt and a snugger waistband. 

I also picked up a couple pairs of socks – WrightSox and Balegas.  I have a couple pairs of Balegas and am happy with them and figured I’d try the WrightSox too.  Haven’t tried these, or the Fuel Belt, yet but Sunday I will when I go for a run in the morning.  I’d love to hear from other runners with their thoughts on Fuel Belts, socks and other gear!