It’s been just over a week since my last post and I’ve been busy!  I’m trying to keep focused and consistent with all the juggling.

Quick Plug: I’m this week’s Runner Spotlight on Lehigh Valley Running Scene, a new web site for runners in the Lehigh Valley.  My post last week mentioned it.  Visit

First – have to mention of my first fundraising event – coming quickly!  I’m having a yoga class at The Yoga Loft in Bethlehem on Saturday from 2pm-4pm.  My friend Julie Westbrooks (a terrific yoga instructor) is teaching the class.  Participants can take the class at no charge, with a suggested donation of $20.  I’m covering the room rental cost so every dollar contributed goes to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  Bus trip to NYC is also coming up quickly with space still available – $40 a person, leaving at 8am on Saturday, March 13 in Bethlehem.  Bus will return approximately 8pm.

And training has been really good.  I got a 10-mile run in on Sunday and I barely got it in before losing daylight.  I waited until the last possible window of daylight on Sunday – almost didn’t run because I couldn’t get in the right mood – and am so glad I got myself together.  I ran an easy 2 (or was it 3?) on Tuesday and then today I experimented with my first Yasso 800s.  I’ve got a ways go to but I really needed to mix in some speed work.  I did 3x800s at 9:50/mile pace with 1/4 mile recovery and 1 mile warmup so I ran 3 overall and then got on the elliptical.  This weekend I’ll run an easy 4 or so with my TNT group Saturday morning and then do 10 or 11 on Sunday.  I’d do my 10 or 11 on Saturday morning if I wasn’t doing the yoga class in the afternoon.  Shamrock is just over 3 weeks away and my long runs are where I want them to be – I don’t know if I’ll PR but I’ll finish strong and enjoy it.  It’s really getting exciting to know that I’ll be in Virginia Beach and hear about all the fun stuff they have surrounding the race.

Aside from training and fundraising I’ve added two other things to my busy schedule this spring.  On Friday I met with a realtor to start moving on buying my first home.  It’s daunting and right now the process of getting pre-approved for a mortgage is making me feel overwhelmed but I’m getting them what they need and hope to start looking at homes in March.  I’m really excited and scared.   I had training Saturday morning to be an assistant coach one night a week with Girls on the Run.  I’m really looking forward to the program starting in March – the training really opened my eyes to just how important and beneficial the program is.   Each night I wind up a bit stressed about something – training, fundraising, finances, work – but then I get over it and realize that I can do this.

Now I need some creative assistance to create a fun name for the $100 donation ‘Club’ – anyone I receive a $100 or higher donation from for my marathon, I’ll dedicate one mile to.  I want to create a fun name for it and Mile High Club is the only thing that comes to mind and that really doesn’t fit.