With a little over one week to go before I meet my fellow Team In Training-ers I’m feeling a lot better about my ankle which makes my training this week easier to get back on track.  This past week my training consisted of a 2-mile treadmill run on Tuesday and a 5.5-mile run on the Ironton Rail Trail.  I would have liked to get a run in on Thursday or Friday but after Tuesday felt some tension come back and figured I’d be better to focus on getting a quality run in on the weekend.  I feel guilty when I have time to run but know I shouldn’t – it’s something that my non-runner family and friends can’t relate to.  Injuries are annoying and frustrating.

My bus trip has 20 people on board already.  It’s going to be easy to fill that up well before March 13.  I’m almost done with a flyer for my yoga class so that will be out to advertise.

I’ve been reading the Hal Higdon Marathon book which has been very inspiring and motivating.  The runners he writes about are everyday people who want to do what I want to do – cross the finish line.  Great advice through the whole book.