“Keep varying the program. Your body will tell you what to do.”  Joan Benoit Samuelson – 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist, Women’s Marathon

I should revise my blog title to – I hope I don’t get lost, or injured.  What a week my 2nd week of training turned into.  It began with finalizing the details for both of the fundraising events I’ve been planning to do, and ended with a weekend of RICE – Rest Ice Compression Elevation.

The fundraisers: Monday I took care of booking the bus to handle a 1-day ‘do as you please’ trip to NYC.  The trip will be Saturday, March 13 and will leave from and return to Avenue C in Bethlehem.  The tickets are $40 a piece and everyone receives a current map of the City, snacks, and a chance to win door prizes.  I’ll also do a 50/50 on the way into the City so everyone has an opportunity to get a little extra spending money.  The other fundraising event I took care of setting up is a yoga class from 2pm-4pm on Saturday, February 27.  The class will be free with a suggested donation of $20.  My friend Julie is a certified instructor and will be teaching it.  It will be a Vinyasa flow class suitable for any level, even first-timers, and will focus on shaking off the winter blahs – you’ll leave the class feeling invigorated and refreshed.  The class will be at The Yoga Loft on Fourth Street in Bethlehem so even people without a mat will be able to borrow one from the studio!

The Training: Tuesday I did an easy 3-mile run – pretty uneventful.  Wednesday’s speed workout was a bust and I’m blaming my eating habits.  Time and again I remind myself to get more protein, and that day in particular I didn’t have enough so when it came time to get on the treadmill and start running my mind and body weren’t there.  I made it through two miles, one at speed pace, and then went home – didn’t even cross train.  Pitiful.

The SPRAIN: Thursday I knew I’d be taking the day off from training because I had tickets to go to Hairspray at The State Theatre (which was fantastic!).  One slip of my boot to stand up and let Chrissy into my apartment and I instantly knew I had sprained my right ankle.  I’ve sprained this ankle multiple times and from the last time I still had a ACE bandage.  I grabbed that, wrapped up the ankle and went to the show.  The sprain could have been a lot worse – no crutches were needed – but what a reality check to have to take a rest weekend so unexpectedly and so early in training.  At least it was early enough that I don’t miss much and can get back on track relatively quickly.

I’m bummed about my injury situation but not discouraged.  I have a lot of work ahead of me and it’s better to deal with something like this now than three months down the road.  I’ve dealt with injuries before and don’t see it as a reason to give up.  So I have a good outlook on this week’s training which hopefully will start Tuesday.  I am not going to push too hard because the last thing I want is to set myself back further.  If I can get in the mileage of my easy run on Tuesday that would be great, but if I can’t I’ll be fine building up again.  And same thing with my tempo and long runs later in the week.

Want more info on my fundraisers?  Email pckimh@hotmail.com.