“You only ever grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone.”

I’m taking the leap run my first marathon.  I pinch myself nearly every day because I never thought I would come to this point.  So here I am – committed to doing the Rock N Roll San Diego Marathon on Sunday, June 6 – patiently waiting to meet my coach and fellow TNT’ers.  (SEE ‘Why I’m Running a Marathon’ and ‘Team In Training’ for more info).

In the meantime I have started training.  I signed up to run the Yuengling (YAY for PA!) Shamrock Half-Marathon in Virginia Beach on March 21.  Until I begin meeting with and getting training from my coach, starting to train for Shamrock is giving me a good start.    My first week’s training went perfectly.  I ran 2 on Monday, 5 on Wednesday, 2 on Thursday and 7 1/2 on Friday.  I also did the sculpting class at the gym Monday night – I am making sure to fit strength training in to avoid ITBS (Ilio-Tibial Band Syndrome – very painful!).  I feel like I’m in great shape – the class as well as my 5-mile and 7 1/2-mile runs were challenging but the next day I didn’t feel any pain.

Another thing that’s moving along is my first fundraiser event – a bus trip to New York City.  The date and cost isn’t set yet but I’m hoping to do it March 6, March 13 or April 10.  Once that’s figured out I’ll do a post just on that – and I welcome any suggestions for the date!  Another fundraiser I plan to do is a yoga class.

And of course donations can be made directly through my fundraising page – the link is on the right.  Anyone who contributes a $100 or greater donation will get a mile dedicated to them – there’s 26.2 miles in a marathon so I hope to give everyone a shout-out along the way!  So far I’m running one mile for my brother and one mile for my sister-in-law.

So check back often, I’ll be posting fundraising and training progress, as well as events and any quirky training anecdotes.